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About Us

The Quality Assurance and Planning Unit (QAPU) was established in January 2003 to replace the then Planning Unit. The Unit is under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.

Associate Member

International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)


The mandate of KNUST QAPU is to play a coordination and monitoring role in institutional planning and quality service in all activities of the university, prepare and maintain up-to-date database; and perform other functions as may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

QAPU shall be responsible for strategic planning, management of quality assurance, as well as the management of information systems of the University

The Unit shall in consultation with Principals, Provosts, Deans, Heads of Departments and the University Administration:


  1. Coordinate the activities of the University Colleges, Colleges, Faculties and Departments regarding the preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of strategic planning, as well as quality service delivery in respect of teaching, research, administration and other services in order to ensure the University attains academic and service excellence;
  2. Prepare and maintain an up-to-date database on staff and students as well as basic statistics on the University; and
  3. To perform any other relevant functions as may be assigned to the Unit by the Vice-Chancellor.



Institutional Planning, quality assurance and effective management information systems will be strategically implemented with the aim of propelling KNUST to achieve its core-vision of advancing knowledge in science and technology for sustainable development in Africa.


The Unit will promote and facilitate Institutional Planning and Quality Assurance policies and processes that will engender decisions and actions aimed at achieving sustainable levels of effectiveness in teaching and learning, research, service to community, and management of the university and its resources.