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Guidelines for Submitting Completed Appraisal Forms


  1. The appraisal forms should be covered by a letter indicating the names of lecturers assessed and their courses.
  2. Each course should be placed in separate envelope with the following information written on it:

-          Name of lecturer

-          Lecturer’s staff number

-          Department of lecturer being assessed

-          Course code

-          Course title

-          Name of assessing department

  1. Each envelope should contain one course only.
  2. In cases where a course is taught by more than one lecturer, each lecturer’s evaluation should be placed in a separate envelope and indicated as such.

These measures are being put in place to ensure early processing of the appraisal and prompt release of feedback to lecturers.

The Quality Assurance and Planning Unit is counting on your cooperation on this matter to avoid the cases of assigning wrong course codes to lecturers and other avoidable mistakes.